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jimmy preacher ellis - the story of (2lp-gatefold / cd / digital)

jimmy preacher ellis has plied his r&b craft, both on the west coast and in texas/oklahoma, since the early 1960s. although recording a number of singles, and sharing the bandstand with the likes of lowell fulson and little joe blue, he has gained little recognition for his talents. this is hard to understand considering that, in addition to being both a skilled guitar player and harmonica player, ellis is one of the most distinctive blues singers in the business. his rich baritone vocals, developed during his youth as a member of the well-known gospel group the traveling four, bare a strong resemblance to the style of lou rawls. although owning a spotty recording history, often dictated by the commercial considerations of the day, his best work has frequently been stunning. this is the first-ever compilation of his most outstanding recordings from the 1960s ad early 1970s. pure class from beginning to end. enjoy!

the 12-page cd booklet contains detailed liner notes and 45rpm single label scans. the vinyl LP edition comes in a deluxe double-gatefold cover.
1. since I fell for you
2. go head on
3. cry no more
4. I'm gonna do it by myself
5. work with what you got
6. puttin it on your mind
7. dance to the drumbeat
8. put your hoe to my row
9. a fool for a friend
10. kiddio
11. baby I love you
12. tough competition
13. looking thru the eyes of love
14. that's the way I am
15. I gotta see my baby
16. I just wanna be myself
17. don't tax me in

various - ancestors of rap (2lp-gatefold / cd / digital)

the origins of rapping (referring to "spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics") go way back in history. blues music, rooted in the work songs and spirituals of slavery, was first expressed by blacks in the mississippi delta region around the time of the emancipation proclamation. historians have argued that the blues were being rapped as early as the 1920s. by the late 1960s spoken word jazz poetry artists like gil scott-heron and the last poets, to name two, became predecessors of rapping.

this compilation unites a thunderous selection of so far mostly unknown prototype rap songs that feature lyrics that are rhymed in rhythm. alongside the famous representatives of this genre were a handful of lesser-known musicians who gave notable contributions. one of the most expressive examples is who got the number by comedian pigmeat markham. similar in style is billy dee & sugarbear. no matter what track you select, james west, bobby & deborreh williams or one of the big names like james brown or blowfly, you can be assured of the sheer quality and relevance of each song.
throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don't care - you are about to experience in depth the real ancestors of rap.

the 12-page cd booklet contains detailed liner notes and label scans of all 45pm singles. the vinyl LP edition comes in a deluxe double-gatefold cover.
1. pigmeat markham - who got the number
2. bill crane - steppin tall
3. butterball - butterballs
4. obsidian II - hanging in
5. billy dee & sugarbear - everybody says
6. james west - hanging out
7. johnnie morisette - I'm hungry
8. timmie rogers - snake hips
9. blowflys - funky in the hole
10. bobby & deborreh williams - the pusher's thang
11. round robin monopoly - little people
12. iris bell & jive-ettes - honky games
13. blowfly - sesame street
14. james brown - get on the good foot
15. a.j. rowe - smoke my pipe
16. rufus beacham - do you have a good woman

roy porter sound machine - the story of (2lp-gatefold / cd / digital)

roy porter was born in a small mining town but he moved to colorado springs with his mother at the age of eight, following the death of his father. in school he took lessons on the clarinet, however he always wanted to play drums. on saturday nights he would hear radio broadcasts of duke ellington and jimmie lunceford. he also heard chick webb's famous drum solo liza that made him even more determined to play drums.

in the late 1960s he began working with a trio which he called roy porter sounds. he later changed it to roy porter sound machine when he began to add more horns and other instruments. during the 1970s, porter was busy playing gigs with the sound machine. they performed at dinner houses, nightclubs, and a lot of private parties for dancing. he released two albums under roy porter sound machine, „jessica“ (1971) and „inner feelings“ (1975). porter retired from performing in 1978 on health grounds, but continued to give workshops and ran his publishing company. at the age of 71 he released his final album. four years later, roy porter passed away on 25 January 1998.

the 12-page cd booklet contains his full story in detail and many amazing photographs. the vinyl LP edition comes in a deluxe double-gatefold cover.
1. jessica (voc)
2. funky twitch
3. hip city
4. waver-ing
5. hense-forth
6. jessica (instr)
7. love you
8. ohh-la-la
9. funny feelin'
10. drums for daryl *
11. wow
12. panama (voc)
13. party time
14. panama (instr)
15. out on the town tonight
16. givin' me the blues
* cd bonus tracks

carl 'sherlock' holmes - investigation no.1 (cd / digital)

carl “sherlock" holmes started gigging in the early sixties forming carl holmes & the commanders with whom he recorded a full length album for Atlantic in 1962 entitled twist party at the roundtable. later on he recorded a couple of 45’s for the 'parkway' and 'verve' labels. in may of 1966 a pre-experience jimi hendrix gigged with the group but never recorded with them. after a final 45 for the local philly label 'black jack', the group disbanded and carl formed the sherlock holmes investigation a solid outfit backed by a strong rhythm section packed with congas, vibes, flute, organ and sax. philly’s sigma sound studio was the place they recorded their sole album and curtis r. staten’s crs records was the label that released it.

this album has it all! smokin funk breaks in black bag, investigation, get down philly town, it ain't right and some syncopated latin-inspired jams in modesa. all these coupled nicely by some fine mellow numbers in close to you, think it over and your game . and all but one (bacharach/david's close to you) written by a guy named len woods, a remarkable songwriter, no doubt!

after tramp records has released four songs on two 45rpm singles recently in early 2012, the entire investigation no.1 album is now available on cd.

1. investigation
2. close to you
3. black bag
4. think it over
5. modesa
6. your game
7. get down philly town
8. it ain't right
9. the pot's hot

various artists - movements 4 (2lp-gatefold / cd / digital)

the movements series started in 2005 when tobias kirmayer released his first compilation on munich’s perfect toy records. now, seven years later, he introduces the fourth volume. you may have experienced that follow-up volumes of compilations cannot maintain the level of rarity, quality and excitement of the earlier volumes, however, what you hold in your hands right now is not only the result of two years of work chasing the elusive ‘rare groove’, but a masterpiece in it’s own right. the discerning music lover will agree, movements 4 is the highlight in the series so far.

in the past 20 years many labels focused on the genre called rare groove. such tunes, which may have remained uncompiled until now, have to be seriously rare. otherwise it would not have missed the eyes of diggers for the last 40 years. so
kirmayer's goal to uncover real rare grooves became an exciting adventure. it cost him two years of hard work, uncounted hours of research, and hundreds of phone calls and conversations with all the musicians to get their story right.

the 16-page cd booklet contains detailed liner notes, scans of all labels as well as unpublished photographs. the deluxe double-gatefold LP contains the same information as the cd-booklet. the first 500 units come with a bonus 45rpm single, nothing less than one of the last remaining funk 45 holy grails, the soul chargers - charge it up, baby /bw between.
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1. carl westmoreland - shakers and movers
2. rudy tee & the reno-bop's - talk about soul
3. dino & the dell-tones - sticks and stones
4. preston love & his band - cissy popcorn
5. d.m. movements - ooo wee baby
6. bro. byron - booty whip (prev. unreleased acetate version)
7. iris bell with the jive-ettes - honky games
8. old metropolitan band - summertime
9. dave harris trio - night club
10. james ironhead - crossing the baha
11. zodiacs - hey rugh nut
12. ricky williams - discotheque soul
13. c. forture & j. brinson - hipster
14. soul brothers inc. - I don't think we are going back again
15. ernest skipper with flag and the boys - shot gun joe
16. odyssey group - machine gun

jaribu afrobeat arkestra - mediacracy (2lp-gatefold - 555 hand-numbered copies / cd / digital)

jaribu afrobeat arkestra is the most known japanese afro beat band. spiritually influenced by the great fela kuti, “jaribu” which means “try” in swahili, have created their own “neo afro beat” sound, interweaving traditional afro beat with funk and jazz sounds. they released their first album afro sound system in 2009 which was critically acclaimed by many djs and radio producers. they performed at the FUJI rock festival 2009 which is the biggest festival in japan. after that they started to search for ways to expand and develop their afro beat sound and began recording their second album, mediacracy.

over the past couple of years, jaribu afrobeat arkestra have established themselves as one of the most exciting live bands on the tokyo scene. They currently play three to four gigs a month, including their own monthly event “natural vibes” at “plug” in shibuya and are the undisputed leaders of the japanese afro beat scene.

the deluxe double-gatefold vinyl is limited to 555 handnumbered copies.
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1. mediacracy
2. suffer dey
3. legend of yoruba
4. mvua dance (interlude)
5. afro soul knows
6. tricky liars pt.1
7. tricky liars pt.2
8 . maneno ya roho (interlude)
9. n.n.g. pt.1
10. n.n.g. pt.2
11. natural vibes

various - santa's funk & soul christmas party (lp gatefold / cd / digital)

christmas compilations are often cheesy, smooth selections of bland, overplayed seasonal pabulum. even announced with “funky” or “groovy”, it often leaves listeners disappointed. so were jan kohlmeyer and tobias kirmayer. first, they were bugged out by the all filler-no-killer compilations. the second and more important reason was that of the considerable number of proper rare groove tunes recorded and released in the 1960s and `70s, many languished in obscurity. the pair started a collaboration to create a funky-soul Xmas compilation.

the project started in 2010 when jan illustrated the diversity of more than 50 christmas tunes in the field of jazz, funk and soul to tobias kirmayer of tramp records. although some of the titles had already been compiled, there were exceptional songs that grabbed their attention. major record companies owned a handful of the initially pre-selected songs. the majors refused or ignored jan and tobias’s repeated requests for licensing. where other labels would have given up in despair, jan and tobias were determined to move forward with the project independently. ladies and gentlemen, sing along, shake your hips and dance because: santa's funk & soul christmas party is goin' on.

the cd booklet and lp sleeve contain scans of all 45RPM single labels as well as liner notes to each song. the vinyl comes with a gatefold cover and is limited to 500 copies.
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1. detroit junior - christmas day
2. lee rogers - you won't have to wait till Xmas
3. gary walker - santa's got a brand new bag
4. vernon garrett with sir stan & the counts - merry christmas baby
5. vernon garrett with sir stan & the counts - christmas groove
6. count sidney & his dukes - soul christmas (voc)
7. count sidney & his dukes - soul christmas (instr)
8. rose graham - black christmas
9. binky griptite - stone soul christmas
10. fat daddy - holiday baby
11. jimmy reed - christmas present blues
12. buchanan & goodman with paul sherman - santa & the satellite
13. jimmy jules & nuclear soul system - Xmas done got funky

various - feeling nice (lp gatefold / cd / digital)

the tunes on this compilation are top-end rarities, even for the advanced record collector. daniel and tobias started work on this project in the beginning of 2010. compared to the obscurities to be found here this is not a long time though. the effort, time and enthusiasm they put into it has not been documented. if it had, it probably would have amounted to a thankless task. why? the answer is simple; cd and vinyl sales are far away from what they used to be and people who pay for mp3s are the minority. there is no reason to do such a project for the money nowadays. obviously, daniel and tobias are not only collectors and djs but totally into sharing with the world their passion. each of them chose six songs from their collection to present for the first time to a worldwide audience. the buyer can be assured not only of the rarity and quality, but of the refined taste and heartfelt care that went into this product.

the 8-page cd booklet contains detailed liner notes as well as unpublished photographs. the vinyl comes with a gatefold cover. all songs have been officially licensed and carefully mastered to provide the highest listening pleasure possible.
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1. guitar ray - funky pete
2. james & incredible showman - jams brown boo-ga-loo
3. billy storm & the tempests - apologize
4. don ray & hobbit - we don't need it
5..clarence curvan - feeling nice
6. james polk & the brothers - black door jeannye
7. the herculoids - get back
8. the czars - get down
9. t.d. & jimmy james 3 - jalapeno pep
10. soul dukes - soul-69
11. sonrize - wine for the party
12. j.c. & the soul angels - dance party

lucky brown - lucky brown's space dream (lp 321 hand-numbered copies / cd / digital)

the personnel for all the sessions were:
olli klomp, drums
ben bloom, guitar
thomas deakin, saxophone
mars, trombone
karl olson, percussion on 'deal with it', 'izzy Come,
izzy go' and 'potatocakes'.
patrick gay, moog on 'space dream'

I assembled the funk revolution in my one-room cabin, called chez jojo. I gathered together all my salvaged, scavenged, and repurposed gear and completely improvised recording techniques and introduced them to a band that was hot and true, playing up to the presumptuous name I had just given them. after our debut single, 'don’t go away' the rest of the material from this session would be taken down to sleng teng studio and messed around with for years until being realized as more singles for tramp. isaac weiser played bass on this session and delvon lamarr was playing a hammond that took up most of the room. no one even complained.
he lake-side phase of this space dream happened when we recorded in drummer olli klomp’s living room in his log-cabin on an island in a lake. I remember that it was the hottest day of the summer. we would swim in the lake in between takes to cool off (being careful not to disturb our crawdads that were contentedly grazing on barbecued chicken bones just beneath the dock). I blurted out "lake-side...crawdad farmers!" as the tape began to roll on 'jesse’s party' and it ended up being the winning take so we just went with it. We had the transcendent Jonathan Sherman on Bass for this session.
I ‘m called lucky because I have the great fortune to be involved with such deeply grooving hearts, super talented players, and infinitely loving souls. this album is the realization of many dreams.
it has been an honor to share the space.
lucky brown, april, 2011
check out some reviews by the like of oliver korthals, peter hagen and others.
1. still listening +
2. jesse's party
3. redbeard *
4. don't go away *
5. potatocakes pt.1 *
6. potatocakes pt.2 *
7. she's a hard working woman +
8. steamed greens pt.1 +
9.steamed greens pt.2 +
10. deal with it *+
11. the fresh one +
12. scatterbrain +
13. izzy come, izzy go *
14. .space dream +
* cd bonus track
+ previously unreleased

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